How long? How often?

I don’t mind getting a massage every day if I can afford to. I do get a massage at least once a month for body maintenance.  It works as a reset button.  If I fail to do so and hit the point of no return, I have to go to see my physiatrist.

I usually request a 90 minute session if I know the therapist is good enough.

The longest session I’ve got lasted close to 3 hours.  To be honest, it was too long.  I don’t recommend it.

Once in a while I encounter a therapist who gives open-end session.  The session will end when she/he feels it’s done.  I encountered two, so far.  I’m not sure if I like it or not.

From a therapist point of view

As a therapist in private practice, my minimum session length is 60 minutes for a full body deep tissue session.

“I don’t have particular complaints.  I just want to be relaxed.”    Recommendation:  60 minutes full body.   Believe me, I will find a tight spot or two you didn’t know you had.

“My neck/upper back is always tight.”  Recommendation: 60 minutes full body focusing on upper body.

Then Add 20 to 30 minutes for each additional spot you want the therapist to focus on.

Certain myofascial release techniques take a long time to be effective.  That’s why I sometimes tolerate 3 hour massage sessions with my myofacisal release guy.  For bona fide myofasical release, it might take 30 minutes just for one part of body and you may feel the therapist is not doing anything.

“I have a tight pec and it prevents my overhead move.”

30 minuits of upper body sports massage focusing on pec/shoulder gardle.