Somaticat’s Massage

Sometimes my clients ask me what I think of a certain type of modality or “Modality™.”  I believe no single modality works for every body.  And our body is never static.  It changes every day, every moment.  When a modality/technique works, it works for YOU at the particular moment in the particular condition.  It does not necessarily work for me, nor for you next year.  It’s “Here and Now” zen stuff.  When a practitioner/founder of a modality claims it works for everybody, and that it is THE ONE, I get skeptic.  It might worth trying, though.

It’s also about a perspective.  Years ago,  I had laparoscopic gallbladder removal.  Since then I feel tightness in my belly.  Here are perspectives of specialists.

I say,  “I feel tension on my right side of abdomen, which is almost like a cord.”

My Surgeon says,  “The operation was a success.  You are healing very well.  The incision sites are barely visible.”

A Myofasical Release specialist says, “The surgeon must have messed up.  They must have left scar tissue inside.”

My anatomy teacher says, “Oh, it’s hepatoduodenal ligament…”

Each told me what they knew from their perspective.

What really mattered to me was the fact that they didn’t leave any foreign object in my abdominal cavity.  What I did was to pay attentions to the tightness in my belly and had conversation with my body to discern what I still could do and couldn’t anymore (such as Urdhva Dhanurasana, a.k.a. full wheel pose),  then negotiate to regain the lost function little by little. It could involve scar tissue release massage, stretching or something else.  Years after, I still feel the tight cord like tension in my belly, but I can do full wheel now.

I consider mine a “Braille” method.   I’ve been training my hands to see.  Hundreds hours of hands-on human dissection experience allows me to connect what I feel with my hands and what’s there under the skin.  Then I say hello to the part of body you have never paid attentions to, and help your nervous system to be aware of alternatives.

The rest is up to you.