Nothing could be more at ease than a sleeping cat on a wooden bench in a small garden in front of a massage studio in the middle of rice paddies in Ubud, Bali.

When J.F.K. Jr. died with his wife and his sister-in-law on July 16, 1999 in a plane crash, it hit me hard.  All three of them, young, good looking, smart, rich and famous.  To me it seemed that they had everything. And then they were no more.  I asked myself,

“What is the one thing I always want to do and have never tried?”

It was martial arts.   I grew up admiring Bruce Lee and Jackie Chen.  But I never once even tried.

A week later,  I took a Tae Kwon Do class at a gym as the least athletic person in the class and I loved it.   I was one of those people who had never been good at any physical activities, or so I believed.  The instructor was patient and I didn’t mind doing the same simple move millions of times till I got it.  Good trainers are those who understand each individual’s learning style.  The instructor, Master Rhodes, a sixty some yrs old bad a$$ dude with 30+ years experiences, soon figured it out somehting nobody incuding myself had ever realized.  I was a kinesthetic learner.  I trained 5 days a week  for about 5 years, then continued on to Aikido and Iaido until I was forced to retire due to shoulder injuries, not from martial arts but from long computer work in bad postures.

SomatiCat believes no one modality or descipline works for every body.

  • SomatiCat is trained in martial arts.
  • SomatiCat is trained in multiple forms of energy work.
  • SomatiCat has had multiple soft tissue injuries and has first hand experiences of trigger point injections, physical therapy, occupational therapy, posture correction, etc.
  • SomatiCat is trained in multiple desciplines of psychosomatic work.
  • SomatiCat studied anatomy, physiology, pathology, and kinesiology.
  • SomatiCat has been practicing Yoga for more than 10 years.
  • SomatiCat studied movement for actors.
  • SomatiCat does Crossfit WOD 5 days a week.
  • SomatiCat is a NYS licensed massage therapist.
  • SomatiCat is zen.
  • SomatiCat is an Anatomy geek.

It’s OK.  I’m a licensed massage therapist.

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