Home Base in Colorado Springs

Institute for Anatomical Research

In 2020 Juno spent more than 3 months here assisting Dr. Gil Hedley’s Anatomy from A to Z project. Every year, she goes back here to attend Integral Anatomy Workshop.

Jim Pulciani

Jim is the executive director of Institute of Anatomical Research and the author of Holistic Bodywork: Blending Modern and Ancient Bodywork Principles, and Traditional Chinese Medicine: An Elemental Approach. His amazing dissection technique is featured in Joe Muscolino’s Learn Muscles Videos.

Project 1

Anatomy from A to Z project

Dr. Gil Hedley conducted an extensively detailed human anatomy education video project in 2020. Originally supposed to be a 3 months project, it took more than one year. Juno assisted the first 3 months of the project during the Covid 19 lockdown.

Project 2

Dr. Joseph Muscolino’s Learn Muscles Project

Since 2020, Juno has been working with Dr. Joseph Muscolino to create Japanese subtitles for his Learn Muscles Continuing Education Video. To share his extensive and detailed educational anatomy video course with bodyworkers all over the world, he is having his contents translated in dozens of languages.

Integral Anatomy Family

Gil Hedley & Rachel Scott

Dr. Gil Hedley and his partner Rachel Scott are Juno’s Integral Anatomy “parents” in Colorado Springs. Rachel is a yoga teacher trainer and professional instructional designer of excellence. She is also an author of several books and she can sing opera!

Juno first took Gil’s 3 weeks human dissection workshop in 2014 in a medical school gross anatomy lab and was hooked on his human anatomy teaching. Since then, she returns to his anatomy lab every year. After several years, Juno started to assist Gil as a “Lab Elf,” to keep everything in the lab tidy and functional.

Integral Anatomy Family

Kristin Toth & Fauna Moore

Fauna was a team member of project A to Z. She has been teaching yoga anatomy and is an experienced anatomist, currently practicing in Charlotte NC. She holds dissection workshop in NC.

Kristen was also a team member of project A to Z. She has a profound understanding of trauma and its effect on body.

Leslie Kaminoff & Lydia Mann

Leslie Kaminoff is a yoga educator and author of top selling yoga book, Yoga Anatomy. His partner, Lydia Mann is an amazing artist with keen eyes for anatomy. Juno first met them in 2014 during Gil’s Integral Anatomy Workshop. Lydia was a team mate during the one month human dissection internship at the Institute of Anatomical Research. Her sketch of human anatomy always amazes Juno.

NY Friends

George Russel, D.C.

Juno first took George’s workshop at the Swedish Institute in NYC in 2015. After taking several more workshops, she started to shadow George to learn the perspective of chiropractor. He is a unique chiropractor with keen eyes for client’s movement and postural assessment.

NY Friends

Eric Von Frohlich

Eric is Juno’s first trainer, who introduced her to Crossfit in 2013. He has a deep understanding of each athlete’s learning style.