Integral Anatomy Workshop: Day 2

We spent entire day separating the skin from the underlying superficial fascia, literally getting under the skin of Tony.

What I learned today.

  1. The skin separates me from what is not me.
  2. The skin protects me from what is not me, like a breathable armor.
  3. We shed the surface layer of skin like crazy.
  4. Shed skin becomes what is not me or is it still part of what is me?
  5. You should not cut your armor unless absolutely necessary.  Once cut, the energy field changes dramatically even in a cadaver.  Tensional integrity will be lost.
  6. We are innately wet and moist being but without the skin/boundary, we dry pretty quickly and it will change the quality of being.
  7. The skin does not want to be separated from the adipose layer.
  8. Considering how delicately we worked to seperate the skin intact, liposuction is abomination.

I am happy with the way our group members treat Tony. I feel each of us is making our best effort to make Tony comfortable. He is cared and respected.

We have 8 groups.  Each group has started to show its distinct personality and it’s reflected on the cadaver we are working on as if we are sculpting our own image out of the “form”.

Drawing by Tam Tran Valenti

Drawing by Tam Tran Valenti

The Infinity Circle of Lunch

Most of us spent one hour lunch time outside on the green grass under the blue sky.  We spontaneously created the infinity circle of lunch.  After iIntensly staring at yellow adipose tissue, we need other colors to balance our brain.

Infinity Circle of Lunch

Infinity Circle of Lunch

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