Become Your Dream

De la Vega Sightings.  I’ve encountered those images numerous times in my neighborhood past 15 years and I have never seen the artist in action.  I once entered an icecream store and found its counter covered with De La Vega images.  It makes me happy to find those images in chalk on my way to somewhere mandane.  It’s a reminder and the inherent impermanence of the message is zen worthy.

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Drink, it’s Cheaper Than Therapy

Probably true in the short term in moderation.

Tip your bartender well.  Two of my friends, Anna and Larry, were so good at it that they went back to the grad school and have become licensed psychotherapists.  Now you have to pay much more to talk to them and you won’t even get your drink.

In the long run in excessive amount therapy could be cheaper than drink.  I don’t know. But I’m sure those who have opted for therapy would crack up reading this sign.  It did cracked me up.

I enjoy this bar’s chalkboard sign.  Sense of humor is always good for your soul.