Metta Meditation

The Work of Healing


For all those we have harmed, knowingly or unknowingly,

we are truely sorry.  Forgive us and set us free.

For all those who have harmed us,

knowingly or unknowingly, we forgive them

ane we set them free.

And for the harm we have done to ourselves,

knowingly or unknowingly,

we are truly sorry.  We forgive ourselves

and we set ouselves free.

Peace in my heart brings peace to my family.

Peace in my family brings peace to my community.

Peace in my community brings peace to my nation.

Peace in my nation brings peace to my world.

Let there be peace on earth,

And let it begin with me.

Quote from Meditation & Silence, Sacred Center of New York. Feb 6th, 2011 Sunday Celebration Service Program.

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Skeleton Meditation

I don’t sit and meditate.  I have a monkey mind some might call ADD.  My friends with monkey minds don’t sit and meditate.  Some bike, others run.  One non-moving meditation I actually liked and practiced for a while is Skeleton Meditation.  I don’t remember where it came from.  Probably Tibet or somewhere in Asia.  I’ve read or heard about it and just liked it.

In Skeleton Meditation, I lay down as a corpse (Shavasana if you are yoga person) and observe my body decompose layer by layer, muscle by muscle, till my form becomes a skeleton.  It was peaceful experience.  I liked my clean dry white skeleton on the ground.  Then I imagine a bamboo shoot coming through my eye socket, reaching up and up to the sky.  And I fell asleep peacefully.

There was one major problem for me with this meditation.  At that time I didn’t have much awareness of my own body.  My perception about my body was something like a gingerbread man.  So the entire process to become a skeleton took only a few minutes.  Poof, my leg muscles were gone.

If you are fully plugged into your body, this meditation could take at least hours, maybe years.  This is an ultimate “let it go” meditation.  Then you may let the skeleton go, too. Or you may reconstruct a new body from the skeleton, adding layer by layer.

After decades of training of one kind or another, the latest of which is a full body dissection workshop, I’m much more plugged in.  Tonight, I might be able to meditate for maybe 10 minutes…

Have a happy meditation.